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a little bit art. a little bit me.

A little bit art.  A little bit me.

Valentine's for my Munchkin

Jennifer Calkins

So a few weeks ago I saw a cute idea somewhere to give your kids a note a day from February 1-14, each saying one thing you love about them.  I so totally do NOT remember where I saw this, otherwise I would definitely give this person credit.  It could have been on Pinterest.  Or maybe on Facebook?  Or possibly on Instagram?  I have no clue because I didn’t save it.  Well the idea apparently stuck in the back of my head (um, HELLO, I have 1,435 tabs open in my brain at all times) and I decided to do the same for my son.  He’s three.  He’s a cutie so I’m sure I can come up with 14 reasons why I love him!

I decided to make the little notes specific to his likes as well.  He is obsessed with cars, trucks, trains and everything “boy.”  So I made truck, race car and heart Valentines and I’m going to share them with you.  I’m nice like that.

First I rummaged through my paper bin and found some scrap paper that would work well for Valentine’s Day.  I could have gone outside the norm and chose random patterned paper but I went with the typical red and pink, and threw in some gray and brown.  I even found some checkered paper I had left over from his race car themed third birthday party.  Whoa nelly, things are gettin' crazy over here!

(photo: Designs by JJK)

(photo: Designs by JJK)

Next I drew a car and a truck to cut out and use as a pattern.  If you can’t draw, never fear.  Google the crap out of the theme you wish to use, choose an image, print it, cut it out and trace the outline.  BAM!  In yo face naysayers!

I then stacked three brown papers, traced the cut out car and truck on the top one and cut all three sheets at the same time.  The sheets moved slightly as I was cutting but that really doesn’t matter since I wasn’t aiming for perfection.  I just wanted the outline.

I did the same thing to cut out some hearts.  I just did this freehand but you could draw the heart on the top sheet just as I did with the car and truck.

(photos: Designs by JJK)

(photos: Designs by JJK)

I used a heart punch to do some finishing touches.  I cut out a heart "window" on one of the trucks then used the punch to punch out different size hearts (the punch I have has three different settings.)  I may not have been paying attention when doing some of the punching, thus causing a jaws of life scenario with one of the trucks.  But whatever, I just made a new one!

(Photo: Designs by JJK)

(Photo: Designs by JJK)

Simple.  Fast.  And cute!  I think I'll fill out half and my baby daddy will fill out the rest then my plan is to leave one taped to his bedroom door each morning starting February 1st.  Crap!  That's Monday!  Ahhhhhhhh!

Do you have any hand made Valentine's ideas for your littles?

Happy Weekend!