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a little bit art. a little bit me.

A little bit art.  A little bit me.

Local Love

Jennifer Calkins

Whenever I sell my work at a show I tend to buy work from other artists, I usually find a lot that I want to buy.  I may not go home with much, if any, of my actual profits.  But hey, I'm supporting local so at least my money is staying local.

The week before Christmas I was selling my work at the Western New York Book Arts Center at their Last Minute Panic holiday sale.  This is the second year that I was at this event and it's one of my favorites!  There are a ton of talented artists at this event, if the loot I brought home is any indication...


Let me tell you who made these beauties...

  1. Grain elevator Linocut print - Buffalo Architectural Prints (I'm trying to add more Buffalo-themed artwork to our home because I am quite proud of where I come from)
  2. Wizard of Oz cards - Jessica Gadra (aside from the fact this is one of my favorite movies, which is why I bought these, Jessica's illustrations are absolutely AMAZING)
  3. the Muppet's card - Jeremy Stock (I haven't seen this guy in about 15 years since a high school art senior year maybe?!  I knew he'd succeed in the art world.  I bought two other cards from him but actually sent those out before this photo shoot)
  4. Bicycle card - Moon Rabbit Press (I am obsessed with letterpress, I LOVE the texture)
  5. Letterpress print - Nicole Cooke (I need to buy more of her prints, the sayings she uses are quite motivational and the prints are bright and refreshing)

And since I left these out of the photo shoot as well...


Earrings and necklace from Weathered Heather, based out of Syracuse, NY.  LOVE her jewelry and she hand makes each piece.  I bought myself the necklace at the show, my mom secretly bought me the earrings as a Christmas present while she was helping me at the show.  See, I'm not the only one who buys stuff when "working" at shows.  Ok, so my mom bought gifts for people and I bought things for myself.  Don't judge me.  My holiday shopping was ALL done so HA!

I LOVE every single one of these!  My plans?  I plan to actually frame all of them in some way to use as artwork in my home, which despite living here for 4 years, is quite scarce!  I hope to add my own artwork to our home as well so stay tuned, I'll share any upcoming projects!

In the mean time, I really need to get working on my master list of shows/festivals to sell my work at this know, so I can make some moolah. dough.  dolla dolla bills yall.  Or maybe just so I can buy more locally schtuff (I plan to showcase any locally made products I ever, so be ready to be bombarded)

Happy Weekend!