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a little bit art. a little bit me.

A little bit art.  A little bit me.

What Starts as an Idea...

Jennifer Calkins

I’ve had a lot of ideas lately, all floating around my head like they’re on an inner-tube floating down the lazy river.  Except they’re also running a marathon at the same time. 

So now that your head feels like mine does, I’m going to share one of those specific ideas with you.  I got the idea from a centerpiece that was on my Aunt’s table.  I think I first saw it over a year ago?  Anyway, it’s five or six (maybe seven or eight?!) small white porcelain bud vases, all different shapes and sizes.  I think they were on a tray?  Or a plate?  I’d have to look again.  Anyway.  Those vases just stuck out in my head as instant inspiration because 1.) I loved the look of them and 2.) I loved how simple, fresh and elegant they were.  So I tucked that little nugget into the folds of my brain.

I have a sketchbook.  I wish I used it more for art journaling.  I should really start doing that again, I haven’t done so since high school.  Maybe my head wouldn’t be so jam-packed with random ideas and information if I did this.  Nah, it still will be!  But an art journal would still be pretty kick-ass to have…

So yeah, sketchbook.   Sometimes I forget to write my ideas down and they are lost in the abyss of my mind FOREVER (insert evil laugh here).  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Sometimes I remember.  Years later.  For the most part though I write them down.  Sometimes they are just words, other times I sketch something out quickly.  When I work with pottery I typically let each lump of clay mold itself as I go.  I don’t usually sketch out specific shapes of, say, a vase or a mug.  If I have that specific of an idea it stresses me out, I feel like it has to be EXACTLY like the sketch and that just does not work for me.  I may have a general idea of size and rough shape but everything I make comes to life on the pottery wheel.  That’s just how I roll.  YO.

When an image in my head appeared from the inspiration that was my Aunt’s table decoration, this time I wrote it down and did a little sketch.  Made a little drawing.  Got it down on paper.  I did this while still practicing some other ideas on my wheel so I saved it for later.

Well, later is now man!  I made a whole bunch of small bud vases.  Let me tell you first off that it’s not as easy as it sounds.  It’s actually a little bit difficult to throw such a small amount of clay!  It took me a few tries to get used to it then I made a bunch.  I glazed them rather simply with bright colors and got started on making a box for the “tray.”  I found some wood the right thickness.  I used my hubby’s power tools.  I stained the wood pieces and put it together.  BAM.

I’m pretty happy with the results though I may refine it ever so slightly more.  So there it is.  My bud vase tray centerpiece idea.  Enjoy.  I hope to have some for sale soon!