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a little bit art. a little bit me.

A little bit art.  A little bit me.

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Jennifer Calkins

Ok.  May be not GREATEST...but I wanted to showcase my latest work.  Honestly, I am super excited about the latest pottery I've made.  I haven't posted much about it because I was in a hurry to get it all ready for an artist's market right before the Easter holiday.  Then it was Easter.  So yeah, I've been busy.  And a little bit lazy because somewhere in there the "powers that be" decided it would be a good time to give me a dose of the flu/sinus issues that just won't leave me alone!  I think I have chronic sinus issues.  But whatever, that's not a conversation I want to have here.  You probably don't want to read about it either.  I wouldn't!

So back to my work.  I actually feel like I am FINALLY in a place where I can say "ok, this is the right direction.  These are the pieces I want to make.  These are the glazes I want to use."  And I am excited about that.  I was honestly feeling alot of anxiety as I was glazing and firing these pieces because I just wasn't sure how they were going to turn out.  Turns out, they turned out well <insert happy dance here>!

Then came the artist's market.  I had high hopes for this particular market.  It had a great turnout and there were some really awesome vendors with unique, well made items.  Unfortunately I didn't sell as much as I had hoped.  BUT the good news is that from talking to some of the other vendors, that seemed par for the course.  Plus I did get quite a few compliments.  And I DID sell some of my pottery so it wasn't a loss.

(photo: Designs by JJK)

(photo: Designs by JJK)

After this market (ok, maybe DURING the market!) I thought about and decided on a few things.  First, I realized I really don't like making mugs.  This is tough for me to admit because I know people love to buy them.  For me, they feel like an obligation.  And I hate that.  I don't want to make something because I feel obligated.  I feel like that feeling will transfer into that piece of pottery and it'll become a source of negativity for whoever buys it.  Crazy?  Maybe...but I never claimed to be sane, so.

Second, I realized my work sells the best around the Christmas holiday.  I decided that I am going to try to sell at a few events during the year but hold off mostly until the last two or three months of the year around the holidays.  I think if I test this theory this year and maybe into next year, I'll have a better idea how my work is received.  We'll see...I need to see how the next couple of months go.

And finally I decided to list my pottery on my Etsy site.  So you can buy it now.  Go ahead.  I know you want to.  (Wink wink!)  I have been putting this off but decided that if I'm going to sell at only a handful of markets per year, it'd be a good idea to list my pottery.  Again, we'll see how the next few months go and see how my sales go.

Here's a little smidgen of my favorite pieces from the latest batch of pottery...

I have just a couple more ideas that I want to try but I am loving the direction my pottery has taken.  I've decided on a select few glazes, added a new clay to the mix, along with other materials.

So there you have it.  What do you think?