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a little bit art. a little bit me.

A little bit art.  A little bit me.


Jennifer Calkins

So this past weekend I had my first two pottery sales on Etsy!  How awesome is that?  Pretty cool for me.  Maybe not for you but it's awesome-sauce for me!  The first piece I sold was for a family member, sale went perfectly fine.  The second sale was from someone I don't even know.  This is a big deal for me.  This tells me my work is reaching people, potential customers.  This particular customer bought one of the pie plates I made.  I packed it and shipped it within a day and waited patiently for them to receive it.

Then Monday happened.  I got a message saying the pie plate arrived broken.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  My first reaction?  Disbelief.  Then came anger.  Then?  Well, then I cried.  Seriously, just ask my husband, his shirt was the one that got wet from hugging me while I cried.

"Why did you cry?" you may ask.  I mean, it happens, right?  No big deal?  Just respond to the customer, send a replacement if needed, file the claim with the post office.  No biggie.  Really.  Except that it IS a big deal to me.  Why?  Because I give a shit.  I care about my work.  I care about treating my customers right.  I care because I put my heart into the pieces I make.  I care because I love the things I make.  I care because it's like a piece of me. 

Dramatic?  Maybe.  But if you're an artist, perhaps you'll understand.  When you put your heart into something that you make, it's a tough pill to swallow when it breaks or otherwise gets ruined.  What makes it worse?  The fact that I am my worst critic.  I got MAD at myself.  I mean, how could I not have packaged it correctly?  My husband tried to convince me that it was probably dropped but I wouldn't listen.  I mean, even if it was, if I had packed it correctly then it would survive the drop!  Duh!  The fact that this was my first non-family Etsy sale and it arrived broken?  My heart = also broken.

I did feel better the next day and was alot less mad at myself.  I think it helped that my customer was super understanding!  This was huge.  I'm pretty sure if she wasn't nice about it I'd be having a nervous breakdown right now.  I'm not kidding.  I'm crazy like that.

Luckily my customer simply wanted a replacement.  Unfortunately I didn't have another pie plate of the same color but she was ok with the other color pie plate that I DID have in stock (oh thank goodness!!!!)  So I went to the store and bought more bubble wrap.  Not the flimsy little bubble wrap but the bubble wrap with the BIG ASS bubbles!  I proceeded to wrap the new pie plate.  With the ENTIRE ROLL.  Then I dropped it on the floor (don't worry, I checked to make sure it didn't break!)  Learn from your mistakes, right?  Then I finished packing it up.

I mailed it out and got the notice yesterday that my customer received it.  All is well.  Her message to me?  "I got the plate today!! It's gorgeous!!"

So yippee skippy to me :)

Now I am just (im)patiently waiting for the post office to review and settle my insurance claim from the broken piece.  I submitted this five days ago...I think it's going to be a while...

Have a great weekend everyone!